Measuring arms

The measuring arm is the best solution wherever mobility and the availability of the measuring device in various locations are key. They work well not only in laboratories, but also in production conditions, on the line or on the production floor.

Technologically advanced measuring arms allow simple and fast 3D inspection of any component. Our offer includes, among others FREEDOM ARM measuring arms by LK Metrology, MCAx by Nikon Metrology and Smart Arm by RPS Metrology.

FREEDOM ARM measuring arm from LK Metrology

The FREEDOM measuring arm is a wireless system that allows for hours of operation in a variety of conditions. conditions. It works well both in production inspection and in the measurement laboratory. The system is designed for contact and non-contact laser head scanning measurements, and works with NIKON H120 laser scanning heads. The measurement ranges of FREEDOM LK Metrology’s 7-axis measuring arms are from 2 to 4.5 meters.

Its main advantages:

  • Plug & Play system that speeds up and simplifies arm setup for the operator;
  • Automatic probe recognition;
  • High accuracy and fast data throughput;
  • Excellent temperature stability, zero warm-up time;
  • Smooth transition between contact measurement and laser scanning.

Nikon Metrology's MCAxS measuring arm

A device developed for contact measurements and specialized non-contact scanning using NIKON H120 laser scanning heads. Precise, reliable and easy to use. Works well in both production and laboratory applications. The ranges of the MCAxS 7-axis measuring arms are from 2 to 4.5 meters. This wireless system allows you to work for several hours under any conditions.

Main advantages of the MCAxS measuring arm:

  • High accuracy and fast data throughput;
  • Designed for use in all conditions: production, workshop and laboratory;
  • Extreme temperature stability, zero warm-up time;
  • Plug-and-Play connections – quick and easy setup;
  • Automatic probe recognition;
  • Smooth transition between non-contact scanning and contact measurement.

SMART ARM REV-O measuring arms from RPS Metrology

The easy-to-use devices will prove their worth in quickly performing precision 3D inspection. These portable measuring machines, feature wireless communication and built-in lithium-ion batteries as standard, allowing hours of operation without plugging into a power source.

Smart Arm R-EVO 6- or 7-axis measuring arms are available in several customized versions.

They work with Renishaw’s rigid probes and LP2 probes for contact measurements, as well as laser scanning heads from RPS METROLOGY. The measuring ranges of the R- EVO arms are from 2m to as much as 9m !

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