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Smart Solutions is a Polish company that was founded in 2008 out of passion for metrology. Through the years of gaining experience and building competence, we have become the leader of the Polish market of metrology and non-destructive testing – industrial tomography. We are a team of highly educated, experienced and committed professionals with the highest competencies.

We passionately follow our mission, which is to respond to the real, individual needs of our customers by offering modern, optimal solutions, matched to their needs and expectations.

Robert Kaczmarczyk - Smart Solutions

We are a distributor of professional, top-quality systems and solutions for precision measurement and non-destructive testing. Our reference list includes more than 600 satisfied customers. The measurement and industrial tomography systems we offer are used, among others, in by the automotive, armament and aerospace, electronics, metal and plastic processing, injection molding, 3D printing, foundry, as well as in research and development operations and in education and higher education and research in many fields.

We cooperate with leading global manufacturers such as: LK metrology, API Metrology, NIKON Metrology, Geotek Ltd, RPS Metrology, ZG Technology and Renishaw. This allows our customers to choose from a wide range of systems and solutions, optimally matching their needs and expectations.

We are an experienced and constantly growing team, very active on the Polish market, respecting the norms of healthy competition. Our goal is to build trust and partnership relations, Customer – Smart Solutions company.

We follow the principle that manufacturing a device is only half of the success. Only matching it to the real, individual needs and expectations of the customer is a real, huge step on the road to mutual success.

We are passing on customer suggestions directly to manufacturers. This allows both us and our clients to influence the development of modern technologies in the field of metrology and non-destructive testing – industrial tomography.

Smart Solutions is constantly, sustainably growing – we are expanding our sales and service offerings, developing our business contacts, expanding our team. We follow the news and take care of the continuous development of our competencies to stay ahead of our customers’ needs and respond to the changing realities of the market.

The machinery we own: industrial tomographs, X-ray machines, coordinate measuring machines, laser trackers, measuring arms,3D scanners allows us to carry out measurement and non-destructive testing services in our three Laboratories and directly at customers’ sites. We offer services for quality control and reverse engineering. We share our knowledge and experience by providing training in the use of equipment and software. We update metrology software. We modernize, service and calibrate devices.

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