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Service of measuring machines and devices

We provide comprehensive servicing of coordinate measuring machines, measuring arms, laser trackers and industrial CT & X-ray tomographs.
We provide full service of machines and equipment of manufacturers, whose
devices are in our commercial offer – services, inspections, calibrations.

We also offer repairs and service of machines of other manufacturers. In the course of the work, we carry out mechanical calibrations and software corrections (in the case of large corrections, we build a new error map of the machine with a laser interferometer), and then verify the accuracy of the machine according to ISO 10360-2, -4, -5 standards.

Modernization of measuring machines

To meet the expectations of the market, we perform retrofits of CMM measuring machines based on Renishaw, LK Metrology and DEVA equipment. Our offer includes various ranges of machine retrofits, depending on the customer’s needs. Modernization of a measuring machine is an excellent solution for Customers who have a machine in good technical condition (mechanics, drives, pneumatics), which does not meet current requirements for control, equipment and software.

Calibration of measuring machines

Our offer includes the service of calibration of CMM measuring machines at the highest quality level. It is possible thanks to the competences of our team of engineers and the devices we have:

  • gauge block sets with fixtures (30-1000mm);
  • Mitutoyo Check Master step gauge (600mm and 1000mm);
  • XDTM API laser interferometer;
  • Ballbar 2400mm length standard.

We carry out calibration of machines of all manufacturers, completed with verification of machine accuracy according to ISO 10360-2, -4, -5 standards. All our standards are periodically checked and certified by accredited laboratories.

Calibration of CNC machine tools

Our offer includes a calibration service for numerically controlled CNC machine tools at the highest quality level. This is possible thanks to our API Metrology devices:

  • XDTM laser interferometer; SwivelcheckTM;
  • Telescopic Ballbar;
  • Spindle Analyzer; and Laser Tracker.

Machine tool calibration is offered to customers looking to improve product quality, productivity, reduce machine downtime and lower production costs. We also provide metrology support during the installation and service of large machining centers for companies professionally engaged in the installation and service of such equipment.

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