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CT & X-ray scanning and analysis

We provide comprehensive services in the field of scanning and analysis using industrial CT & X-ray tomography in industrial and research applications. Services are performed in our Laboratories in Katowice and Warsaw. Scanning with the use of X-rays allows us to map the external geometry of the examined object with a precision of up to 1 µm, as well as to learn and analyse the structure of its interior. This method works especially well in the inspection of quality or causes of failure, testing the structure of the material, e.g. porosity, inclusions, the structure of composites, testing samples on a micro scale, e.g. in the electronics and medical industries.

Measuring services

We perform measurement services of workpieces of various sizes, for any number of characteristics, using our own equipment. We perform measurements in our Laboratories in Warsaw, Cracow and Katowice or at the customer’s site.
We have:

  • CMMs – stationary contact measurements and laser scanning, measurement accuracy from 0.7 µ
  • laser tracker – a device with CMM measurement accuracy dedicated to large- scale measurements;
  • manual CMM Arm – portable measuring device, contact measurement and laser scanning, measurement accuracy from 15 µm.
  • we perform measurements of small and difficult details with an accuracy of 2 microns using an industrial microtomograph

Our measurement services will allow you to make fast coordinate measurements and accurately control the quality of production parts.

Reverse engineering

The field of reverse engineering service we offer includes measuring the object, converting it into a model and creating full documentation. Having wide access to measuring devices (from CMM or industrial CT & X-ray tomographs to large-size measurements with a laser tracker), we can perform the service of scanning and reproducing details with dimensions from single millimeters to even 160 meters. The experience and competence of our Engineers are a guarantee of the quality of the entire process – from the measurement of the object to the final documentation.
We perform measurements in our Laboratories in Warsaw, Cracow and Katowice or at the customer’s site.


We offer application support by our engineers for users of metrology software. The support service program includes: support by phone, e-mail and by remote connection. Customers with active support are offered assistance in writing measurement programs, support in analyzing results and drawings, consultation of measurement problems. Thanks to the support we have, our customers gain peace of mind and a guarantee of continuity of the work process in production or quality control.


We provide trainings in the use of all systems and software in our portfolio. Our training offerings include metrology software, reverse engineering software, statistical software, software for machine tools and robots, software for machine monitoring and SPC. Our trainers are experts, with on-the-job experience and the highest level of software and equipment knowledge. We conduct all training courses according to the on-the-job training approach, so we impart practical skills rather than dry knowledge. Contact us to find out about the full training offer.

Software update

We update all the measurement software we offer. The rapid development of measurement software is aimed at solving current problems and optimizing work. Therefore, there are new versions and updates that are available to customers. Nowadays, software updates become even more important, in the context of the transition to Windows 10 and 11.
Thanks to the software upgrades we carry out to the latest version, you can easily increase the capabilities and performance of your systems and devices.

Rental of measuring equipment

We offer rental of all measurement equipment from our commercial offer. This solution allows you to enlarge your machinery fleet during periodic heavy measurement load, during certification, inspection or repair of your own system.
This is an excellent solution to test the equipment before deciding to purchase. As the only company in Poland, we can organize the rental of a coordinate measuring machine, an industrial tomography system or a configured device or a container laboratory for core and borehole analysis.

Quality control

We provide quality control services such as compliance measurements, CT & Xray microtomographic tests, sorting and selection of elements based on customer guidelines and test results.

This is ideal during critical complaints, during periodic increased load of measurements or quality testing. In addition to our engineering competence, we also have the experience and logistical and organizational facilities to carry out quality control projects of a large number of components in an optimally short period of time. We perform quality control services in our Laboratories or at the customer’s site.

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