Laser trackers

The laser tracker is the most modern and the best solution on the metrological market for measuring large dimensions. The measurement range of the device with metrological accuracy is up to 160 meters. As an exclusive and authorized Polish distributor of API Metrology, we offer Laser Trackers from the RADIAN family of this manufacturer.

Laser Tracker RADIAN API Metrology

API Metrology’s RADIAN Pro, Plus and Core Laser Tracker models offer unbeatable quality and the best solutions available on the market for large-volume measurements.

This unique and state-of-the-art portable system operates with metrology accuracy, providing the ideal solution for measuring large components, measuring in limited spaces or with large temperature fluctuations. The system will also prove useful for calibrating machines and production lines.

The offer is complemented by a wide range of handheld touch probes and laser scanning probes such as the vProbe and iScan3D.

API Metrology's vProbe probe

The vProbe is a lightweight, hand-held, modern generation wireless contact probe. API Metrology’s vProbe wireless technology works perfectly with the manufacturer’s Radian Plus and Radian Pro laser trackers.

The vProbe probe allows measurements without repositioning the tracker or fixture for hidden points, deep holes and hard-to-reach measurements.

API Metrology's iScan scanner

The iSCAN3D Laser Line Scanner is a compact and highly accurate metrology handheld laser scanner, integrated with the manufacturer’s Radian Plus and Radian Pro Laser Tracker. The crossed blue laser lines of API Metrology’s iScan3D are capable of scanning in any direction. Two stylus attachment locations for contact measurements provide measurement flexibility and precision results.

The iScan3D can scan a wide range of surface textures, including areas of high gloss and contrast. It also provides exceptional accuracy for contact measurements of hidden points.

System accuracy

2 -7 Meters

7-15 meters

Above 15 Meters

Spatial length (2σ)

± 50µm

± 80µm

± (20µm + 4µm/m)

Sphere radius (2σ)

± 50µm

± 75µm

± (30µm + 4µm/m)

Area (2σ)

± 60µm

± 70µm

± (80µm + 2µm/m)


Angle acceptance

±45°(Pitch and Yaw) 360° Roll

Sampling frequency


Max. scanning speed

200,000 pkt/s

Laser line color


Min. point spacing


Offset distance

170mm ±40mm

Depth of field


Field of view

110mm x 100mm

Size and weight

high 265mm x W 110mm x L 110mm / 1.03kg

working range

Up to 50m (using 50m cable)

Automatic lock

iVision field of view

30° (diagonal)

Operating range

2m – 40m


working temperature

-10°C – 45°C

Relative humidity

10% – 95% (non-condensing)


Supply voltage

110V/230V ±10%

Energy consumption


iScan3D - smart solutions

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