Coordinate measuring machines

CMM’s are the ideal solution wherever precise, fast and automated measurements are needed.
We are the exclusive Polish distributor of CMM LK Metrology ALTERA coordinate measuring machines. CMM ALTERA is the latest generation of ceramic coordinate measuring machines, designed to meet the highest expectations and increasing needs of customers. Our product range includes portal CMM’s, laboratory CMM’s, column CMM’s and large volume CMM’s. We offer complete solutions designed to maintain long-lasting accuracy, stability and smoothness of measurements, in ranges from 700×500 to machines several meters long.

Here are some of the advantages of ALTERA CMMs:

  • Ceramic portal and quill provide a thermally stable and ultra-rigid structure for long-term accuracy and structural stability without deformation over time.
  • Unique air bearings allow for smaller air gaps, providing greater rigidity than standard air bearings, resulting in a stiffer structure and therefore measurement accuracy.
  • The friction drive system ensures smooth and repeatable movements with a negligible hysteresis error.
  • All models can be retrofitted with AVM’s active vibration damping system – providing optimum performance in areas exposed to high levels of low-frequency vibration.
  • Renishaw’s high-resolution (0.05um) floating scales and TONiC-series encoders ensure repeatability and measurement accuracy, and are additionally dirt – resistant.
  • The ALTERA series machines build on LK’s 30 years of experience building CMM’s from ceramic components and LK’s overall experience of nearly 60 years in coordinate measurement.
  • Longevity of LK machines – thanks to the excellent mechanical quality of LK machines. They are long-lived and provide an excellent metrology base even after several years. The manufacturer makes every effort to continuously support these machines from the service, spare parts and software side, upgrading them to the latest standards and trends in industrial metrology.

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