3D scanners

3D scanners are the best solution when contact measurements are not an option and measurement time is crucial. They are ideal for susceptible parts that are difficult to mount stably or composed of irregular curved surfaces. For quality control, but also for reverse engineering.

We offer both 3D scanners that work with coordinate measuring machines and measuring arms, and scanners that operate as an independent measuring device. The 3D scanners we offer are proven to produce precise and advanced 3D images. They transfer shiny, multicoloured or parts with many edges and holes. The devices scan even very small objects and components, so they are used in any industry.

VIVID laser scanner SLK20 by LK Metrology

LK Metrology’s VIVID scanner is a blue laser device with high accuracy and resolution. With LK’s VIVID laser scanner technology, the SLK20 provides the ability to maximize performance when measuring complex surfaces, small details, delicate parts, dark materials and reflective surfaces. Its main advantages:

  • Certified quality – international standards for CMM laser scanner accuracy;
  • Variable scanning speed – high-density point clouds for small details and fast scanning for large areas;
  • Multi-exposure scanning – easy and fast measurements of dark, transparent and reflective surfaces;
  • Automatic programming – automatically create inspection programs and scan paths by selecting surfaces on the CAD model;
  • Live preview – real-time feedback of laser scanner position during measurement.

Scanners for CMM's and measuring arms from Nikon Metrology

Our range of sensors for CMM’s and measuring arms from Nikon Metrology includes a wide range of scanners dedicated to CMM’s: LC15Dx, LC60Dx, XC65, L100 and measuring arms – the Nikon H120 scanner. We select scanners together with the customer to achieve the best possible combination of speed, accuracy and ease of use.

Rapidscan API Metrology

With state-of-the-art solutions, API Metrology’s RapidScan 3D scanner enables the capture of accurate dimensions of measured components and automatically verifies that requirements are complied with. Unlike most traditional scanners, RapidScan scans highly reflective surfaces, such as painted automotive parts and machined and polished parts. This portable device scans surfaces of varying colour and contrast, detecting edges, holes and other features. RapidScan will be perfect for verifying parts to determine immediately after a quick scan whether they meet a certain specification. The scanner is ideal for automotive, aerospace, automated manufacturing and other applications. It is part of the SMART FACTORY INSPECTION SYSTEM (SFIS). Among other things, the API software is capable of detecting edges, holes and making instant comparisons with the CAD model, allowing quick and accurate evaluation of the part at all stages of production. It can be installed on a tripod or directly on a robot head. This scanner is available in two sizes, depending on customers’ needs.

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