Laser radars

Laser radars are unique and innovative laser-based measurement systems that offer a number of benefits, including non-contact measurements with high accuracy and a large range. Measurements can be fully automated, and the system allows for precise scanning with metrological accuracy. Our offer includes APDIS laser radars by NIKON Metrology and Dynamic 9D Ladar by API Metrology.

Dynamic 9D LADAR from API Metrology

API Metrology’s Dynamic 9D LADAR is a super-fast and accurate non-contact measurement system that collects data in real time. Designed for automated in-line measurement where it can be mounted on a robot, rail or gantry CMM.

The LADAR has a built-in scale reference system, a sampling rate of more than 20,000 points per second, and an intelligent 8mp iVision camera system that helps identify parts for programmable automatic feature and GD & T measurement, revealing the clarity of holes and other geometric details at the probe level.

It provides X, Y, Z, I, J, K data for each generated point with the addition of R, G, B data, allowing the scanned data to be imaged directly onto the captured camera image. This unique feature allows you to display features with clear background colour contrast, surface vectors, surface roughness.

DYNAMIC 9D LADAR revolutionizes automated production measurement.

• The innovative Laser Detection and Ranging system captures both dimensional and geometry data

• Ideal for the automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, wind energy and transport industries

• Breakthrough LADAR technology setting new standards in non-contact optical measurement

• Quick and accurate measurements of large parts

• High usability also in complex configurations with robots

Laser Radar APDIS Nikon Metrology

Laser Radar APDIS Nikon Metrology is a comprehensive metrology system that offers non-contact control of large-size objects by a single operator. It is CNC programmable and prepared for unattended operation in a fully automated mode. Its name APDIS is an acronym, it comes from the words Accurate, Precision, Distance Scanning, meaning accurate, precise, distance scanning.

The APDIS Nikon Metrology laser Radar uses a patented reflection technology that enables direct measurement of surfaces and elements with the highest data acquisition speed. As a result, Laser Radar eliminates the need for the tedious use of photogrammetric markers, spherical reflectors (SMRs) or hand-held probes, reducing inspection time and easing the operator’s work. APDIS scans dark, highly distracting and reflective materials and surfaces at angles that are difficult to measure. The system works well in any industry, including especially automotive, aerospace, energy. The measurement range for this system is a radius of up to 50 meters.

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