Handheld Scanners

The handheld 3D scanner is a fully mobile device with low weight. They provide high-quality 3D data in a short time, ensuring quick measurement of even the most complex elements, hard-to-reach places, objects of various sizes and shapes.

MarvelScan - ZG technology

MarvelScan is the world’s first handheld 3D laser scanner that doesn’t require stick-on markers. It is a breakthrough product that changes the working method of portable 3D laser scanners, providing greater scanning efficiency. Thanks to its unique Inside-Out monocular positioning technology, the operator does not need to place markers at all during the entire scanning procedure. Compared to other scanning systems with optical tracking, MarvelScan does not require a rigid structure with markers around the scanner or an optical tracker, improving portability and greatly simplifying the calibration procedure. The scanning speed we can achieve is 2,100,000 pts/s with an accuracy of 0.02 mm in standard mode and 0.01 mm in precision mode.

AtlaScan - ZG technology

AtlaScan is ZG’s revolutionary 3D handheld scanner. In addition to all the advantages of similar products on the market, the most outstanding feature is that ZG has greatly improved the performance of the hardware and software, so that AtlaScan has a large scanning range and super-fast scanning performance, high scanning accuracy and resolution, and extensive material adaptability, which helps users get the job done quickly and well in the face of various complex application scenarios. The scanning speed we can achieve is 3,000,000 pts/s with an accuracy of 0.02mm in standard mode and 0.01mm in precision mode.

RigelScan Plus - ZG technology

RigelScan Plus, is a new metrology system launched by ZG Technology Co, Ltd. RigelScan Plus can capture fine features of parts with an accuracy of 0.02mm and a measurement speed of 2,100,000 points/s. RigelScan Plus uses blue laser scanning technology to help capture shiny surfaces. Meanwhile, the RigelScan Plus can be equipped with a wireless module, for easier and more flexible scanning of large parts. Thus, RigelScan Plus provides an excellent 3D measurement solution for all industries.

HyperScan Plus

HyperScan Plus, adopts blue laser technology with multiple modes . The standard scanning mode has 34 blue laser lines with a scanning speed of up to 2,900,000 pts/s, greatly improving scanning performance. The ultra-fine scanning mode has 7 parallel blue laser lines that feature the surface details of an object. HyperScan is ideal for measuring large-size objects and for inline measurements. The scanner supports CMM probe and wireless scanning.


MarvelProbe, is a portable reverse-positioning coordinate measuring machine. as an independent product, integrates photogrammetry function with probe contact measurement, which not only improves the volumetric accuracy of hand-held scanner, with large workpiece size, but also provides a new flexible and portable measurement in mold making, fixture checking and installation adjustment.

ZGFreeBox, AutoMetric, MarvelScan Glaxy

ZGFreeBox is a wireless battery module for MarvelScan, AtlaScan, RigelScan and HyperScan series portable scanners.

ZGFreeBox wireless battery module adopts 5G WIFI technology to realize wireless transmission and processing of scanning data, which completely cuts off the traditional wired cable connection and improves stability and mobility, especially suitable for large-volume, long-distance and outdoor or harsh environment scanning.

In addition, we offer scanner integration with a mobile robot to form the AutoMetric or MarvelScan Glaxy system.

PhotoShot Max

PhotoShot Max is a portable, wireless photogrammetric system that enables wireless data transmission and processing, measurement flexibility and high productivity.

Thanks to its Blue Light Focus technology, it is the perfect solution for quick and easy measurements. The use of Hi-Res industrial camera fully secures the accuracy and repeatability of measurements of large components. It works well both on the production floor and in outdoor work.