Geotek BOXScan

Geotec BoxScan is a modular, multi-sensor platform for efficient scanning of cores stacked in boxes. Scanning parameters for each box, and even each meter of cores, can be optimized in terms of frequency, type of measurement and integration time. This provides significant time savings in jobs that require quick results. A single technician is sufficient to scan 6 physical parameters in BoxScan, and measurements are automated and non-invasive, reducing the risk of human error and violation of core material.

Sensors available from BoxScan:

  • Ultra-high-resolution RGB linear color camera with automatic focus and exposure, dedicated white light and UV light illumination;
  • Near-infrared spectrometer for mineral identification in the VIS, VNIR and SWIR spectral range;
  • Olympus Vanta XRF X-ray fluorescence analyzer for chemical analysis;
  • Spot magnetic susceptibility sensor;
  • Linear laser scanner for detailed registration of core topography (e.g., fracture angles) and acquisition of information on geotechnical parameters.